November 20

Help stop scams in Hamilton County

Scam alerts on the rise in Hamilton County

News Release

Wednesday, November 13, 2019


The Chamber has received many calls this week about scam calls to business owners. We are currently working with the Better Business Bureau to help put a stop to these calls. 

We would love your help. If you suspect this is a scam call be sure to ask what business they are with, get a contact name and number. If they refuse to give you this information be sure to hang up and report whatever information you were able to collect to the  Federal Trade Commission at

If they are able to give you this information but you are still unsure, be sure to tell them that you would like to think about it and call them back in a few hours. Be sure to make sure they are legitimate publications or media sources like The Aurora News-Register, Grand Island Independent, GI Family Radio, York News-Time, etc. 

Best practice includes not making any payments over the phone. Always make the statement "can I have a little bit of time to think about this". Real businesses will follow up with customers and will not push you to make a decision or pay over the phone. 

Please also be sure to watch out for scam emails. If they are with a business, it will appear at the end of their email. Ex. or Always check to make sure it goes to an actual website. 

Tips from the BBB include: 

  • Verify the legitimacy of the fundraiser. Contact the beneficiary of the fundraiser to ensure the advertising company is authorized to solicit on their behalf.
  • Ask additional questions. When will the advertising be placed? When will it be available for the public to see? Will a copy of the advertisement be sent?
  • Get everything in writing. Request all advertising propositions, charitable appeals, requests for business information and sales pitches of any type be made in writing.
  • Avoid committing on the spot. Take down the name, phone number, and address of the business or organization offering the ad space. Research the company on Avoid falling for high-pressure sales tactics or offers that are only good for a limited time in an attempt to get you to commit on the spot.

If you have any questions about these scams or businesses that are advertising in the community, please contact the Aurora Chamber of Commerce. 

With the holidays and sports in full swing we do want to encourage businesses to advertise and expand their voice but do it in a safe way. We are aware of The Grand Island Independent selling ads for the Holiday insert with Lori Ziska, the point of contact for the Aurora News-Register is Dani Lemburg, Dave Bradly or Kurt Johnson, and GI Family Radio is selling ads for local Hamilton County sports games with Aaron Ramirez. 

If you have believe that you have been scammed, please contact the Aurora Police Department at (402) 694-5815.


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