April 22

April Chamber Member of the Month

The Aurora Chamber of Commerce would like to recognize Chamber Member Easy Lawn, Lawn Care LLC as this months Member of the Month. The original Company was established in 1979 but Scott Goertzen took over ownership in 2018 and has been a chamber member since.

This is the company’s 40th year in business and have accounts in six different counties including Hamilton, York, Polk, Clay, Merrick, and Hall.

Easy Lawn, Lawn Care primarily does lawn fertilizing, spraying, and aerating but they also offer tree spraying, perimeter pest control, landscape cleanup, and mulching.

They have proven that they go above and beyond for their customers.

"In the past we’ve done little things like change a furnace filter, change license plates, get the mail, or even once ran and got a hamburger for a customer who wasn’t able to get out of the house."

Goertzen was born in Aurora in 1982 and went to school in Aurora through the 3rd grade until moving to Hampton and graduating from there in 2000. He joined Easy Lawn in 2003 and said he learned a lot along the way.

"Over the years I learned the business, and most importantly developed relationships with our customers. In 2018 I purchased the lawn care business from Keith Wasem, I now own the business under the name Easy Lawn, Lawn Care LLC."

If you want to work at Easy Lawn, Lawn Care you need to be an early riser because their day starts before sunrise.

"We are an early starting company, typically coming in before sunrise," Groertzen said. "We prep our trucks and then have a meeting in our office going over what everyone is going to do. We then go out and get it done. With over 700 customers we have to really get after it."

Goertzen says that everyday at work is a good day but the best days are when the wind’s not blowing and not too hot.

"Everything we do is controlled by the weather. We may have plans for a big day, but bad weather (rain, wind, or even snow) can ruin a day real fast," Goertzen said.

They said their favorite part of Aurora though, is the people.

"I’ve gotten to know a lot of customers over the years, and they are the reason we are in business," Goertzen said.

With a small business you really get to know your co-workers and can even find something unusual in common.

"We have three full time employees and we all have Michael for either a first or middle name."

Even with all the fun they have their main focus is on the customers.

"We are a business that strives to do what it takes to keep our customers happy and satisfied. Without them we wouldn’t have a business."

For more information about Easy Lawn, Lawn Care LLC on what services and products they provide, check them out on under the business directory.