November 25

November Chamber Member of the Month

November Chamber Member of the Month


Kermit's Superwash

The Aurora Chamber of Commerce would like to recognize Kermit's Superwash for November's Member of the Month. 

    Alan Usher says the business came to Aurora in 2008 and has been a member of the Aurora Chamber of Commerce since the start. 

    According to Usher, Kermit's was started when a cooperate company decided to sell the business.

    "We jumped on the opportunity to be a part of the Aurora community. Since then we have made thousands of improvements to the wash and property and are proud to be a part of Aurora’s local business community."

    As a carwash, Usher says that everyday they work to keep the wash clean and up to date for their customers.

    "From washing down bays to emptying the trash we keep Kermit’s Superwash looking good for our customers."

    The challenge of the day is keeping the cars clean and protected. 

    "Washing cars is actually a science…. By balancing PH levels in the chemicals you can actually produce a cleaner car!"

    Kermit’s Superwash prides themselves on being locally owned and operated.

    Usher says the name came from the most famous frog around.

    He says the best days of work is everyday that they can help serve customers with clean and shiny cars. 

    When asked what their favorite part of being located in Aurora is, Usher says the people can't be beat. 

    "Customers are loyal, friendly, and are a joy to serve!"

    So if you are in need of a good clean as winter approaches and salt will be getting on your car, Kermit's Superwash will have your back. 

    "Whether you want to hop on through our touch less express wash or take your time and wash your ride by hand … hop on down to Kermit’s. We appreciate your business and are proud to say we are a part of the Aurora community!"

    For more information about Kermit's Superwash, check them out on under the business directory. 

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