November 20

October Chamber Member of the Month

October Chamber Member of the Month


Megan Vetter Design & Crafts

The Aurora Chamber of Commerce would like to recognize Megan Vetter Design & Crafts for October's Member of the Month. 

    Megan Vetter started the business in 2018 and has decided this year they wanted to join the Aurora Chamber of Commerce after being approached to help design the Chamber's current logo. 

    Vetter moved to Aurora in 2008 after graduating from Chadron State College with a degree in art. She had owned a boutique on the square for a few years until she closed it in 2015 to spend more time with her family and their farm operations. 

    "I was still passionate about making art and selling my own products. I began creating logos for friends and businesses in 2017 and it has blossomed into a great business connecting me to the community with art," Vetter said. 

    Megan Vetter Design & Crafts offers graphic design services but also specializes in Honey Bee and Pollinator Advocacy. She sells local honey and beeswax products. 

    "I am working towards a Master Beekeeper certification," Vetter said.

    She began keeping bees in 2016 and has been offered a position to teach the Beginning Beekeeping class at Central Community College in Grand Island this fall. 

    Vetter says that a typical day of work consists of sketching, reading, creating designs and compositions. 

    "I like to spend time in the apiary with my bees on sunny days."

    Her favorite days are when she can speak to young people about the importance of Pollinators and creating the perfect logo for another business. 

    Vetter says the only part about her job that isn't the most fun is when she gets the occasional bee sting. 

    When asked about her favorite thing about Aurora, Vetter says "everything you need is a short walk away."

    For more information about Megan Vetter Design & Craft, check them out on under the business directory. 

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