November 20

September Chamber Member of the Month

September Chamber Member of the Month


Diamond J Custom Services

The Aurora Chamber of Commerce would like to recognize Diamond J Custom Services for September's Member of the Month. 

    Current owners Andrew Willis and Jeff Jacobsen started the business in 2015 and has decided this year they wanted to join the Aurora Chamber of Commerce. 

    When the business was started they operated out of a Quonset space and prior to the business, Jeff and Andrew had never really met. 

    "A friend told me about a farmer named Jeff Jacobson that was preparing to buy his own equipment to take on spraying of his friends. A day later I met Jeff and he is now my business partner," Willis said. 

    Diamond J Custom Services offers many services including custom application, Ag input sales and consulting, grain hauling, and Golden Harvest Seed.

    "We established spraying equipment and it really took off from there. I started this business because I wanted to provide a higher level of service. There’s a certain part where you get too big and can’t provide that personal service anymore. We never want to lose track of that," Willis said.

    He says that there is no such thing as a typical day at Diamond J Custom Services. 

    "There is no typical day, which is what I like. Every season brings a new job." 

    His says his favorite days though are when spraying season is in full swing, nothing breaks down, and he can spend the entire day in the sprayer. 

    But, the hardest part of his job he says is managing the opportunities that are available. Knowing what to take on and what to say no to.

    Willis says his favorite part of Aurora is the  fertile fields that surround it and its natural resources for irrigation. 

    "Growing up I knew at a very young age that agriculture was where I felt at home. After moving through my career in a couple different agricultural industries I found myself wanting to do something in Hamilton County," Willis said. 

    For more information about Diamond J Custom Services, check them out on under the business directory. 

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